High return on investment.

When you invest with BSI, you benefit from a 15% annual return on your investment.

By investing in different construction projects, BSI pays you 15% per year on your initial investment.

In Indonesia, capital gains tax is 20%, so you will make a net gain of 12% a year.

Most countries do not require double taxation. BSI can help you check whether you are covered by these international agreements.

Fast return on investment.

Depending on the project, your financial investment can last from 9 to 24 months. Your money is tied up for a maximum of two years. You’ll get your capital and interests back when the villas are sold, or within a maximum of 24 months.

Before the end of your project, the Bali Saudara Investment team will offer you the possibility of renewing your investment in a new construction.

The amount.

The minimum investment is 20,000$ USD. This amount enables us to launch a new construction project.

However, BSI gives you the opportunity to invest if you do not have this amount. In this case, we will bring together several investors to raise enough money to start a new project.

Please contact Bali Saudara Investment for more information.

Invest with peace of mind.

We only open up for investment when the work is ready to start.

This means that BSI has already taken care of buying the land and handling all the administrative formalities involved in a construction project.

So you can be sure that the project is solid and reliable. And above all, that your investment is ready for immediate use.

The process.

When you decide to invest, a contract, drawn up by a notary, will be signed to guarantee the financial security of both parties.

Once the contract has been signed by all parties and the capital paid into the Bali Saudara Investment company account, work can begin.

When the project is sold, your capital and interests will be paid to you.

Interests are calculated according to the number of months elapsed until your capital is paid back.




Thanks to Indonesia’s highly advantageous tax laws, BSI enables you to make high-yield investments and dispose of them quickly.

Moreover, there is no double taxation in most countries.



Bali is one of the safest places in Asia.

Thanks to a very stable economic, social and political situation, Bali has been able to inspire confidence in a large number of foreign investors.



The Indonesian government supports investment projects and the country’s growth through laws that benefit investors and entrepreneurs.

Indonesia is forecasting a growth rate of over 5% for 2023.



Bali’s tourist numbers continue to grow, as do those of investors and digital nomads. 


Thanks to its exceptional quality of life, tropical climate and wide range of activities, Bali remains one of the world’s most attractive destinations.




Rich in wild and varied nature, Bali seduces with its splendid and varied landscapes. Rice fields, volcanoes, ocean, cliffs…


The island also owes its success to the warm welcome of its people and their deeply rooted traditions.

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