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Who We Are

An experienced company

Bali Saudara Investment is construction company firmly established in Bali and seeking to engage those who wish to invest in Balinese real estate. Founded by three member of French family with a extensive background in construction and engineering, BSI draws on our experience and knowledge of the Balinese real estate market to offer you the opportunity to invest in a dynamic and profitable market in the short term.

At the heart of Bali”s economic evolution for the past 15 years, we bring you our knowledge of this market and our commitment to developing new projects together in the years to come.

Opening up to investments

We have already developed real estate projects using our own funds for several years.

Today, as our capacity to manage the number of projects grows, we would like to offer you the opportunity to invest in the Balinese real estate sector with us.

Our business consists of building quality, turnkey villas, and selling them under the best possible conditions.

In this way, we develop a relationship of trust with our customers, ensuring the long-term future of our company.

Our Proposition

Joint investment

Given the success of our prior real estate projects, we aim to offer equally attractive opportunities to invest alongside us in our current offerings.

Our Offer

15% ROI* per year

We offer an annual return on investment of 15%.

In Indonesia, capital gains tax is 20%, so you’ll make a net gain of 12%.

Most countries do not require double taxation. We can help you check whether you are covered by these international agreements.

*Return On Investment.

A flexible investment amount

The basic investment amount starts at 100 000 USD / 140 000 SGD, to ensure that a construction project can get off the ground.

Investment period

A contract will be signed to guarantee the financial security of both parties.

The duration of the investment will depend on the project to which you have agreed, and is estimated to average between 10 and 16 months, depending on the project.

When the project is sold, your capital and interests will be available. The maximum repayment date for capital and interests will be defined by contract, with a maximum of 24 months.

The return and possible renewal of your investment

Interests are calculated according to the number of months elapsed until your capital is paid back in full. Another project will be proposed to you at least two months before the end of the previous one, to give you time to think about a new investment and sign a new contract.

Bali Saudara Investment focuses on effective communication and accurate information to bring you regular reports on the progress and financing of projects.

The Process

1. Preparation

Our current projects:

  • The purchase of land for 25 years of renewable operations and all corresponding taxes have already been contracted and paid by BSI.
  • The building permit procedures have been completed.
  • The plans have been drawn up by our architect.

It is at this stage that we offer you to invest…

2. Choosing the amount to invest

Depending on the amount you choose to invest we will adapt the number and duration of projects concerned accordingly.

3. Signature and administrative procedures

We will sign a contract drawn up by a notary.

Once the contract has been signed by all parties and the capital paid into Bali Saudara Investment’s account, work will begin.

Our team will keep you informed of the progress on the project you have invested.

4. End of contract

When the contract expires, you have two options:

  • Renew your investment in a new project.
  • Recover your capital and interests, from which tax will be deducted. You will then receive proof of payment of your taxes, to be submitted with your annual tax return in your country of tax residence to avoid double taxation.

Our Available Projects

Our trademark

  • Villas with a clean, modern and luxurious style.
  • Strategic locations (Berawa, Ungasan) close to Bali’s main attractions: beaches, bars, restaurants, beach clubs, sports facilities.
  • Each project has its own brochure with all the necessary information.

Long Term Vision

Bali Saudara Investment aims to form a group of fifteen sustainable investors.

By investing successively in short-term projects lasting around a year, your exposure to risk is significantly reduced.

For our part, these short-term projects enable us to adapt quickly to the constantly changing property market.

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